I’m almost half-way through my two-day week – the result of a Monday Bank Holiday and me flying to Spain on Thursday for a break in the sun.

And despite all the unfinished tasks in my various Things 3 projects, all I can think of is the need to pack my bags tomorrow evening. Although I’ve been a frequent traveller for years, I remain a terrible packer.

On this trip, I’m going cabin-baggage only, which brings a complication all of its own. Not only the ‘getting the bag into the overhead locker in front of other people anxiety’) but also the knowledge that I have to fit everything into a smaller than usual bag.

And don’t get me started on navigating security with my toiletries…

Rational me points out that I’m planning to do nothing but lie in the sun and turn brown, so an extensive wardrobe isn’t exactly required. Emotional, anxious me points out all the various things I absolutely need to have with me for the packing to be ‘successful’ and crisis-proof.

My brain is really fucking exhausting sometimes.

Even though I’m really organised in terms of a packing list – I just revisit the last packing list for Spain in Apple notes – I occasionally remember something else and, as I’m adding it to the list, my anxious mind goes “See? Now what else aren’t you considering?”.

So I anticipate walking through my list several more times, packing and repacking the bag, lifting it in practice for raising it above my head, and spending the journey to Heathrow wondering what incredibly important necessity I’ve left on the hall table.

I’ll need another holiday after this holiday.





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  1. NikkiShaps Avatar

    This is exactly how I feel when packing!

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