Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen several writers compare the situation on Twitter to a frog sitting in a pan of water.

Just like the fictional frog, sitting in the water and not noticing it approaching a lethal boiling point, the remaining users of Twitter are described as sitting in a pan of bigotry and hatred, not noticing how their favourite social network is descending into the internet’s number one source of hate speech.

I haven’t used my personal or professional Twitter accounts in quite some time. The accounts still exist. I haven’t deleted them…yet. I think the first step is to delete all existing posts, then share a single post to my alternative social media accounts elsewhere.

I logged in to check some settings last week and it took mere moments for me to encounter a vicious online argument. Moments later, and I saw people sharing screen grabs of racism and bigotry, complaining about the contents. It was all too nasty and hate-filled for me.

I closed the browser tab in under a couple of minutes.

I’m sure some people are staying on Twitter to either try to turn it around, or as a protest against the rising tide of racism, misogyny, homophobia and transphobia. Fair play to them, but it’s not for me.

Life is too short to hang around at a party when more and more of the guests are spouting conspiracy theories, advocating Nazi policies and organising group harassment of other users. All led by a narcissistic, out of touch billionaire, who is daily revealing more of his true self – like an unmasked (an inept) Bond villain.

It’s definitely sad that so many people have been impacted by Muskrat’s acquisition of the network. People have built livelihoods (particularly creators) and real friendships. But it’s also a lesson in not allowing one person to control such a vital communications network.

I’m now on Mastodon and find the change in tone refreshing. I also write on a few blogs and share my favourite pics on Instagram. That’s more than enough social networking for anyone, I feel.

There isn’t really a Twitter-shaped hole in my life. I’ve mostly moved on – the funeral is over, I just need to organise the burial.





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