I’m just back from a lovely, sunny and relaxing walk around London’s Olympic Park.

It’s just a give minute walk from my office, so it’s a resource I’m determined to use more in the coming months. Yes, there’s a ton of construction work going on, with new offices for the V&A, UAL and the BBC (other three-letter acronyms are available), but it’s still a great spot for a lunchtime walk.

I’ve just started Ian Dunt’s new book about why Westminster just doesn’t work the way it is, and just one chapter is, my deep and abiding hatred for Chris Grayling’s ineptitude has been reignited. Audio books are the perfect accompaniment to a walk. I’ve only signed up for Audible in the last few years, but I’m really enjoying being able to relax into some non-fiction content as I go about my day.

It goes without saying that walking is good for you. My head was turned upon reading ‘In Praise of Walking‘ by neuroscientist Shane O’Mara. The evidence is clear: regular walking is good for us on a range of levels. Physical, psychological, social.

It’s my favourite way to get around London and to explore new cities. It’s especially important when your job is as sedentary as mine! And it doesn’t require any new equipment or gear. And it’s easy to build into your daily routine.

I’ll have another walk on my way home as I wander through Canary Wharf, but this thirty-minute break from the desk was just what I needed to feel refreshed and alive.





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