Spring has, allegedly, sprung.

Meanwhile in London, it’s dark, windy and very wet. I’ve been up since 5am, so I can catch an early train down to Brighton. I’m working down there today – the first of three client visits this quarter. And I ever so slightly regret agreeing to a 9am start time.

Anyway, I was surprised at how easy it was for me to get out of bed. Amazing what a god night’s sleep can do, right? I’m on coffee number two, just before I leave the apartment. I’m waiting for the current shower to pass before I leave the building. And I’m noticing that it’s already light out – before 6am.

This makes me incredibly happy.

Light – specifically sunlight – is basically everything to me. I am a different person during what I refer to as a ‘bright months’ each year. And, as you might be expecting, I tend to hibernate during the ‘dark months’. Which here in the UK, are many.

So I try to pack in as much fun and adventure in Spring and Summer as I can. This week, I’m off to Scotland to see family. Next week, I fly to Japan to visit Osaka, Hiroshima and Tokyo. The latter is my absolute favourite city in the world, so I’m super excited to be heading back again.

I’ve lost count, but I believe it’ll be visit number fifteen to Japan?

Yes, Spring is here – and I am off!





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