Repeat offenders

So… the upstairs neighbours were at it again last night. Or should I say, this morning.

They came home some time around 3:30am and by 3:50am, their music and singing woke me right up. A quick trip down to the concierge later, and she had a word with them. But it took them a full forty-five minutes to shut that shit down, by which the I was very, very wide awake.

I’ve given up going to their apartment in person to complain. It has zero impact. They’re oblivious to the needs of others and have a sense of entitlement that only the children of the super-rich seem to possess. They also get very abusive and threatening, so it’s not worth the hassle.

Instead, I got myself a glass of water and got back into bed with my Kindle. I immersed myself in a good book (“Artemis” by Andy Weir) and, about ninety minutes later, I was back asleep.


Obviously, I’m not firing on all cylinders this morning, but coffee will help with that. I’m waiting for a groceries delivery, after which I’ll clean the apartment and then take care of some life admin. Thankfully, I was planning a very quiet Sunday anyway. Thankfully, it was last night and not mid-week, like usual.

Most of all, I’ve focused on how their behaviour is out of my control. How I respond to it is. And knowing that the actual owner of the apartment is now involved and has been threatened with loss of his leasehold, I can see that it’s just a matter of time before they mend their ways or (much more likely) get moved on by the landlord.

Then they’ll be someone else’s problem.

Grumpy boots

You might be wondering why I’m so antsy about some students enjoying life in my building. I don’t want to be the grinch, so let me explain. Apart from them throwing their rubbish off the balcony on the 37th floor and potentially killing people below, their noise and my sleep loss has real consequences.

I have epilepsy, and the two things that are most likely to result in me having a seizure are stress and not getting enough sleep. I could put up with being a bit sleepy the morning after one of their parties. I’m not going to put up with experiencing a seizure and losing a day of work.

So yes, I’m prioritising my brain health over their ability to party whenever they want. And I’m not one bit ashamed of that. One of the (few) benefits of being middle-aged is that I have so very few fucks to give – my priority is not keeping harmony and ‘meeting half way’. There is right and wrong and they are most definitely wrong.

And now it’s time for some more coffee.

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