This month’s focus on moving around a bit more continued today, with over 15,000 steps around London.

On top of my commuting steps, I went for a lunchtime walk around London’s Olympic Park (luckily, next door to my office). The sun was out and, although still bitterly cold, it was so nice to get some fresh air and stretch my legs.

After a couple of unexpected meeting cancellations, I was back out int he Olympic park to meet a friend who was at a work event nearby. Cue another lovely walk outside, followed by a sit down and a catch-up in a local cafe.

Then, another walk back to the office, to pick up my stuff and head home.

I really, really enjoy walking in London. There’s always something to see, and it’s a great opportunity to catch up on podcasts. No equipment needed, so real preparation required. I just need to check the weather, grab my coat and head outside.

I’m really looking forward to the summer and some better weather. I’ll be spending a lot more time outside in the Olympic Park, soaking up sunshine and vitamin D, moving about and hopefully shedding a little more of this post-COVID weight.

Weight loss aside, being outside does wonders for my mood. Fewer hours of work completed, but it was definitely worth it for the health benefits. And the smiles.

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