I watched the last two episodes of ‘The Last of Us‘ back to back last night.

It was exhausting.

I’ve come to this show with absolutely no background knowledge or expectations. I knew it was a game, but I’d never played it. Honestly, I only added it to my watch list because I saw it featured Pedro Pascal.

Shallow, I know.

Each episode has been excellent. There are no ‘filler’ episodes in this series. Every moment adds value, builds characters and contributes to the narrative. Other they’re dealing with a challenge in the moment, or taking us back to the origins of the characters, or even complete side-stories (the heart-breaking episode featuring Bill and Frank), it’s quality stuff.

Exhausting, frightening, dark quality.

I had no idea this was going to be so good – which is a much better position to be in than feeling let down and disappointed by a show you’d be looking forward to. I’m sure there are inconsistencies with the original story from the game, but these don’t interest me. I’m here for the characters in the show, not the game.

I’m not sure how I’ll fill the hole in my life this show has left. Monday evenings just won’t be the same. I’m enjoying The Mandalorian, but really – it’s like comparing a Wagyu Beef steak with a bacon sandwich. Both enjoyable in their own way, but differing enormously in depth and quality.

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