It was pretty much a perfect Saturday.

Despite being woken by our feral neighbours at an ungodly hour, the day improved immeasurably from that point.

I spent a couple of hours lying on the sofa, reading and drinking coffee. After finally getting showered and dressed, we headed to an art fair in Shoreditch and had a mooch around. We finally met the artist of a piece we bought years ago and learnt all about his approach and plans for future pieces. Overall though, nothing grabbed at our heart strings, so we left without buying anything.

My wallet breathed a sigh of relief – but it was only a temporary reprieve…

I then wandered down to Uniqlo to stock up on some essentials before our trip to Japan in a couple of weeks. Some great bargains to be had in the sale, especially for short men – like me! I just love how I can buy off the shelf there and get a perfect fit. Including a gorgeous pink sweatshirt and a pair of orange trousers.

Yes – Spring is going to be all about the colours!

We headed back to Canary Wharf and met up with a friend for coffee and a catch-up. Then, I bought Frank a new laptop – it was time to update and he couldn’t resist the new MacBook Air in a gorgeous dark navy. I’ll be holding onto my laptop for the foreseeable future.

Though I’m quite tempted to get a Studio Display for my office. I got one for our study at home and it’s a think of beauty. Every time I sit back down in front of the 24″ iMac, I miss the generous screen expenses of the Studio Display.

Flighty me wants to mash the keyboard and order one this morning. Sensible me wants to hold off until we come back from Japan, in case there’s an Apple event later this month, which could conceivably include a new display. The very definition of ‘first world problems’.

We had a quiet evening at home, with Frank setting up his new laptop and me lying on the sofa reading. We finally caught up on the most recent episode of Picard – which was superb – and had an early night. The perfect end to a day that started at 5:00am.

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