Revisiting the swamp

Earlier this week, I dipped my toe back into the swamp that is Twitter. It was a grim experience.

Ever since moving most of my social media attention to mastodon, I’ve left Twitter to wither. I haven’t shut down my accounts (I have professional and personal accounts), but the app is no longer on my iPhone or iPad.

But every so often, I log in via a browser to check if I’ve had any interactions on the professional front. More and more, there’s zilch to see. And more and more, I noticed that within minutes of reading my Twitter feed, my blood pressure rises and I feel stressed out and/or angry.

The contrast with Mastodon (and elsewhere) couldn’t be more extreme. Where Twitter seems to be nothing but angry arguments, shaming and flame-wars, Mastodon is conversation, creativity and collaboration.

A fish, as they say, rots from the head. And when the owner of a social network himself engages in bullying and spreading right-wing fantasies and conspiracy theories, he’s basically telling everyone else that it’s open season on society’s norms.

I need to create a plan for complete exit from the platform. At this point, I think even having an account means I’m colluding (you do you, I’m not demanding everyone leave!). If things improve in the future, all for the better. But I’m not hanging around, stressing myself out and reading horrific personal attacks on a daily basis.

It’s time to ease my mind into the warm and welcoming bath of Mastodon. Come say hi!

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