It was about 10:30am this morning, as I left my office to go and refill my water bottle in the kitchen, when I suddenly realised I was naked.

Not, I should clarify, in the clothing sense. Though that’s never been as issue for me before. An avid naturist, I spend more time sans clothes than with – in the right context. But, I was at work, which is most definitely not the right context.

No. I suddenly discovered my naked left wrist. For whatever reason, I’d forgotten to put on my Apple Watch. I can’t remember the last time this happened. I could immediately visualise it still sitting on the charger next to my bed.

To put this in context, I use my Apple Watch a lot: for fitness, reminders, my calendar, directions, dictating to Siri. The list goes on. I rarely take it off, unless I’m charging it. Yes, I wear it in bed and the built in vibration alarm wakes me every morning.

Suddenly all I could think of was how all my steps weren’t going to count towards my fitness goals for the day. How sad.

And then it began. For the remainder of the day, I looked at that naked wrist at least twice an hour. Forgetting completely that the watch was at home. I also experienced some ‘phantom’ notifications; vibrations from a non-existent watch.

Did I manage to get through the rest of the day? Of course I did. But I tell you what: I ended up looking at my iPhone a lot more than usual.

So we can add another Apple Watch benefit to the list: it helps reduce my screen time.

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