March is for movement (and moderation)

As discussed in some depth, January was all about going dry.

And it was so, so easy.

February, in comparison, was slightly damp, enabling me to compare the before and after, and reminding me that age has robbed me of my capacity to process alcohol. In other words, suffering crippling hangovers after just a few pints of average beer.

This is not good. But more on that later.

So what about March?

While thinking about a theme for this month (which didn’t rely on a pub about liquids) I reflected on my plans to get back into running. So, as a result of the least impressive lightbulb moment of the modern age, I’ve decreed that March is going to be all about movement.

So far, I’ve managed to get out for a couple of 5km runs – something unthinkable at the back end of last year – and complete both without pain or injury. I’ve also restarted my habit of going for a lunchtime walk when in the office.

Yes, even in this weather.

I always feel infinitely better once I’ve been for a run or had a bracing walk – especially as I have such a sedentary job. Both provide an excellent opportunity to catch up on podcasts and some general thinking time. And they both help with sleep, the must-have that regularly eludes me.

And moderation?

The bottom line is that I like beer too much to give it up completely, forever. Can’t stand wine, don’t drink spirits. But a nice pint of Guinness or a hoppy IPA will always put a smile on my face.

What’s a boy to do?

I’m sorry that I can’t attribute this, but I recently remembered an inspired idea from ‘someone on the internet’. Whoever it was (again, sorry!) discussed the idea of being ‘teetotal’ (a bizarre word, even for English) and suggested a more sustainable alternative: ‘twototal’. That is, only two alcoholic drinks in any one sitting.

This is genius.

It’s simple, doable, isn’t about absolutes, but allows for the odd dip into the world of craft beer. Either side of these, I could have any of the freely available alcohol-free alternatives. Simple moderation, and all the tastes that the world of beer has to offer.

A plan for the month

More daily movement, and a couple of beers as and when the opportunity presents itself. I’m busy weighing myself to track any impact, as well as looking what my Apple Watch tells me about my sleep. But I already feeling better due to the walks, and I’m sure a couple of beers at the weekend won’t undo all that good work.

I shall report back in due course.

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