On paper.

Yesterday, my new box of business cards arrived. You might be wondering why someone working in London in 2023 might need business cards. I wondered it myself.

But in a single week, I had a half dozen occasions when someone asked me for a card. And all I had to give were cards with my business’s old branding and very old address. Phone and email were unchanged, so it did the job. But it was far from ideal.

I got my cards – as ever – from Moo.com. It’s a simple and pain-free process, whether you get one of the pre-existing templates or create something from scratch. My main challenge was deciding what to put on there. I’m hoping not to move office again any time soon, but is a physical address really as important as digital contact details?

And what about a URL? Surely it’s obvious from my email address? Or maybe not. And as for job title, that’s quite the minefield. I’d rather describe my profession than anything more formal re the business.

It was quite the back and forth with myself, before I finally arrived at (what I thought was) a site minimalist design. After all, it was completely my decision to make. And yet, that’s often the problem. Running your own business can mean agonising over small decisions, when input from a colleague would make them almost instant.

And when they arrived yesterday, I was quite excited to see them in the flesh. on-screen previews are one thing, picking up a physical paper card and feeling it in between your fingers is something else.

I’m happy enough with them – though I’ve already identified a few small changes I’ll make when I next place an order. I received 200 cards, so it may be some time before that’s needed. Still. The next time someone asks me for my business card, I’ll have something on-brand and current to hand over to them.

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