More unwelcome change

After seeing the sad departure of Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand, I’m now tuning in to watch a press conference from Edinburgh where Nicola Sturgeon is expected to follow suit.

I’ve seen both of these women as very capable operators, unafraid to show their humanity as they navigated the enormous challenges of the last few years. And when I compare them to the shambles of various Tory governments we’ve had to endure, they both come out looking like incredible leaders.

Based in London, I regularly looked north for some adult commentary and a sense of leadership as we all struggled through lockdown and a global pandemic.

On the flip side, we need more politicians to view their time in politics as finite and not cling on at all costs. That way lies the abandonment of values, beliefs and commitments. I hope both of them go on to even greater things, once they’ve had a chance to enjoy some time out of the limelight.

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