Moving, with baby steps

Formerly an avid runner, last year’s injuries to my achilles tendons prevented me from running from mid-summer onwards.

Despite a lot of physiotherapy, I’m sorry to say I let all physical exercise, bar walking, slide by the wayside. Cue weight gain, sadness and lots of regret about the state of my reflection.

So I’m using the New Year as a springboard to get back into it. No crazy or overly demanding goals, here: just a plan to get back out running, to support my mental and physical health.

First comes flexibility, so I’m getting back into the exercises prescribed by my physio, combined with (physio-approved) yoga. This will ensure that even my shortest runs are bearable and don’t lead to cumulative damage to the tendons.

Longer term, I want to increase the frequency of my runs, so I can get back into running a 5km each morning before work. Something I used to do and really miss. I’m so lucky to live by the Thames, which is the perfect running track. It was a wonderful way to start the day and left me feeling great.

Ultimately, I want to be able to run a half-marathon again. I used to run the Royal Parks Half each year, so I’m hoping I can get into that or another suitable race before the end of 2023.

I started my morning today with some lovely yoga (guided by an app on the Apple TV) and then some mindfulness meditation. I can easily find the 30mins this requires before work each morning – as long as I don’t slide back into bed with my coffee!!

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