Christmas mode activated

I turned on my out of office setting on my work email account yesterday evening and it felt great.

I’m now on holidays until the 4th of January – Christmas mode has been well and truly activated. I’m actually not in any way religious, so it’s more of a secular Christmas mode. No church for me, butI definitely enjoy the break from work, the time with friends and family and the seasonal food. Mince pies are a special favourite.

We have two friends joining us for Christmas and we’re throwing a party on New Year’s Eve, so it’s going to be quite a social time of things. And I’m going to Scotland to see my mum for a few days in between. I’m looking forward to a week of rich food and drink and long hours of napping and relaxing.

Just hat my corpulent little body doesn’t need.

Come January, I’ve promised myself a bit of a change. I want to get back into running after an injury-related break. Actually, injury plus laziness. But my Achilles tendons were in rag order, so I’m not being too hard on myself. Running, plus yoga to help with the injuries (Physiotherapist-approved yoga) and a solid dose of Dry January should all add up to a leaner me.

But that’s also future me. Present moment me is all about the mince pies and champagne.

Whatever your beliefs and location, I hope you enjoy the holiday in your own way.

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