Just like starting over

I recently decided to make travel the sole focus of my main blog. It’s a passion. Something I spend a lot of time planning and enjoying. But it’s not all I’m interested in, so I wanted to have another space to share my thoughts.

Plus, with the recent meltdown over on Twitter, I realised I wanted to have a space that I’m in control of. Not a social feed in the clutches of a very sad Bond villain who is doing a great job of turning his massive investment into a pile of worthless tantrums.

So here I am, with another blog.

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with this, but it will probably be all the stuff that doesn’t neatly fit into my travel blog. The time I spend tinkering with gadgets. My deeply inappropriate relationship with food that is bad for me. My adventures in London, balanced by my frequent deep, deep disappointment at the state of the place.

Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t resist a fresh start. They also know that I’m definitely not a completer-finisher. There’s a good chance I’ll post here for a week or two and then fade away.

On the other hand, this might be a blog that keeps going for years.

I’m up for seeing what happens.

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